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Embroidery , Screen Printing , Sticker Printing




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Screen Printing


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Large Format Printing (Stickers, Banners, Posters)

We Supply The Apparel

Custom screen printing is by far the most popular decoration choice for custom t-shirts and apparel. When you choose custom screen printed tees, you will get a fantastic, durable, vibrant print that is cost effective and long lasting. The prices of custom screen printing on t-shirts is quantity based so the more you buy, the cheaper they will be! Get your logo applied to a shirt forever with screen prints. Multiple ink colors can be used, and the inks can be blended together to achieve many colors while keeping it a cheap (we are talking high quality at a low price!) custom tee shirt! Turnaround time: 7 to 10 Days

Embroidering garment options including hats, polos, button downs, and jackets. Embroidering your apparel is a great way to add a professional touch to your brand. Choose from standard flat embroidery, 3D embroidery, puff embroidery, and applique. Before sewing your garments, our team will make sure that the chosen design embroiders cleanly, ensuring high quality embroidery that will look crisp and sharp on your garments or caps. To learn about our services in addition to customized t-shirts printing, check out some of our other things we offer too.We can help you with product design and in addition to our customizable t-shirts, we've got plenty of other service that can help make your life easier.

Large format printing and business signage is ingrained in our everyday lives – directing us, attracting our attention, and inspiring our decisions. Capitalizing on this form of advertising announces your business to the world. With so many ways to go about large format printing, We're here to help you choose the right path for your business. Below are some examples we can print on:

  • Vinyl Indoor/Outdoor Banners

  • Mesh Banners

  • Super Smooth Indoor Banners

  • Backlit Film

  • Magnets

  • Window Perforations

  • Floor & Wall Graphics

  • Posters

  • Wallpaper

  • Adhesive Vinyl, Translucent Vinyl & Clear Vinyl

  • PVC Boards, Foam-core, Gator Foam & Coroplast

  • Printed Aluminum

  • Posters

  • Yard Signs

  • And More


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our story

IYKYK - If you know, you know.

Hello everyone, please do not take the above description seriously. The format of our introduction is what kept us together and there's no better way to describe us than to auction us off.  Thanks to "Subtle Asian Traits" and their spinoff groups in Facebook, we had many laughs, opportunity, and ideas.

Since three of us were involved in Greek life during college, we came up with the idea of making our own apparel. David, a brother of Lambda Theta Phi, along with Nancy and Vivian, sisters of Sigma Psi Zeta came up with the idea of making different designs for our organization. We didn't like the basic designs offered by our organization so we looked into creating our own and that's how TrulyGreeks was formed. For the past few years, we've branched out into different type of markets bringing along DMvinylstickers & RAWRembroidery.

We're here to bring your designs to life. Our passion in graphic illustration brought our imagination to life through printing. In 2016, 2017, & 2018 our designs and printing were showcased in the New York International Auto Show, New Jersey Bimmerfest, New Jersey Wekfest and other various exhibitions. Through these exhibitions we have been privileged to service a broad spectrum of exceptional clients by bringing their artwork to life in the form of printing onto different type of apparels.  Let us print for you and gain the attention you deserve.

We offer screen printing, embroidery and large format printing for those looking to promote their brand, business, or message. Life is too short to be boring, bring your creativity to us and we’ll do the rest.

Our customers are here to stay. We keep close relationships with all our customers where they're able to comfortably ask us anything about the process.


Our Clients


Our Work